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New figures released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Group Risk Development (GRiD) show that the insurance industry paid out more than £5.3 billion in protection claims in 2018 – a £200 million increase year-on-year.

The numbers also revealed that the number of claims paid surpassed 200,000 for the first time ever and nearly every claim made was paid (97.6%). The average life insurance pay-outs reached £81,000, the highest average on record and more than 35,000 families/beneficiaries were supported following an unexpected bereavement, to the tune of £.29 billion. Pay-outs now equal £14.5 million paid every single day.

The ABI recently launched a calculator to help consumers better understand their financial exposure to income shocks caused by being left unable to work after falling ill or injured.

Percy The Protection Calculator can be found on the ABI’s website at:

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