Clever Storage Solutions to Maximise Space in Your Home



It can often seem like you’re running out of space, no matter how large your home is. We’ve put together a few nifty tips for some neat storage ideas that might work in your property.


1. Utilise the Back of Doors

Using the backs of doors for storage is often overlooked. Simple hangers or over-the-door racks can transform this space into a functional storage area for cleaning supplies, accessories, or even shoes. In the kitchen, a spice rack or a place to hang utensils can make all the difference.


2. Custom Shelving for Nooks

Custom shelving is perfect for making use of awkward spaces or unused vertical areas. Whether it’s a narrow alcove in the living room or a corner in the kitchen, bespoke shelves can store books, kitchenware, or decorative items, providing both storage and style.


3. Alcove Home Office

Transform an unused alcove into a compact home office. Installing open shelves above a small desk or using a fold-down desk can create a functional workspace without taking up much room. This is an excellent solution for those working from home but lacking a dedicated office.


4. Window Spaces

The space under windows is often wasted. Consider adding a bench with storage underneath or installing built-in cabinets. Windowsills can also be used to display books, plants, or decorative items, making them both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


5. Lazy Susans

A Lazy Susan (a rotating tray) can revolutionise cupboard storage, making it easy to access items at the back. They are particularly useful in kitchen cabinets for organising spices, condiments, and other small items, as well as under sinks for cleaning supplies.


6. Wall-Mounted Bikes

For cycling enthusiasts, wall-mounted bike racks can save valuable floor space in a garage or hallway.


7. Under-Bed Storage

Utilise the space under your bed for storing out-of-season clothing or extra bedding. Storage boxes or drawers that slide easily under the bed can keep items dust-free and accessible. Beds with built-in storage offer even more space for bulky items.


8. Under Stairs Storage

The area under stairs is often underutilised. Installing drawers that pull out from under the steps or creating a side-access storage space can be an excellent way to store shoes, cleaning supplies, or other household items.


9. Pegboards

Pegboards are versatile and can be used in various rooms for additional storage. In the kitchen, they can hold pots, pans, and utensils. In a craft room, they can organise tools and materials, keeping everything within easy reach.


10. Radiator Shelves

Radiators can waste wall space, but adding a shelf above them turns them into useful storage or display areas. These shelves are perfect for books, plants, or decorative objects that can tolerate some heat.


11. Curtain Closets

If you’re short on closet space, consider using curtains to create a makeshift closet. Install a rod or shelves in an alcove and use a curtain to hide your clothes, creating a tidy and stylish solution.


12. Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving

Maximise wall space by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves. This works well for storing books, decorative items, and other belongings, turning your walls into functional storage areas.


13. Storage Seating

Furniture with built-in storage, such as ottomans or benches, is a practical choice. These pieces can store blankets, toys, or other items, keeping them out of sight while providing extra seating.


14. Above-Sofa Shelving

Use the wall space above your sofa for additional shelving. This can be a great spot for books, plants, and decorations, adding both storage and visual interest to your living room.


15. Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are an inexpensive and versatile way to keep your home organised. They can be used in any room to hold miscellaneous items and can be easily tucked away under tables or shelves.


16. Sink Units

In small bathrooms, a sink unit with storage can help keep toiletries and cleaning supplies organised. These units can be fitted around existing sinks, providing additional space without major renovations.


17. Skinny Spaces

Narrow spaces in kitchens can be optimised with pull-out pantries or slim cabinets. These solutions make the most of every inch, storing items like spices, cutting boards, and pantry staples.



Empty suitcases can be used for storing seasonal clothes or other items. This keeps them out of the way and makes use of otherwise wasted space.


19. Hooks Everywhere

Hooks can be added to walls, furniture, and the backs of doors to create additional hanging space for tools, bags, or kitchen utensils. Self-adhesive hooks are a great option for renters or those who don’t want to drill holes.


20. Drawer Organisers

Drawer organisers keep items tidy and easily accessible. These are perfect for kitchens and offices, ensuring that everything has its place and is easy to find.

Implementing these clever storage solutions can transform your home, making it more organised and spacious. Whether you’re adding shelves, hooks, or using furniture with built-in storage, these tips can help you make the most of your space.


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