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If your fixed rate mortgage period is set to come to an end shortly, Jarlands could save you some serious money by remortgaging. This is where you can look to move your mortgage from one deal to another to secure better rates, or even as a means of r... read more »
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  It’s always enjoyable scrolling through listings of properties for sale – whether you’re after expansive dream houses and country boltholes through to sharp urban living or seeking a wholesome family slice of suburbia. &nbs... read more »
Looking for a suitable buy-to-let property can be a minefield – what should you look for? How will you know you’re making the right choice?   Try to be as objective as you can in your search and create a list of key questions to he... read more »
When selling your home, should you always sell to the highest bidder?   On paper it might make financial sense, but it’s not always that simple. Consider their position, are they a first-time buyer with no chain and a load of cash ready ... read more »
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