It’s always enjoyable scrolling through listings of properties for sale – whether you’re after expansive dream houses and country boltholes through to sharp urban living or seeking a wholesome family slice of suburbia. &nbs... read more »
Looking for a suitable buy-to-let property can be a minefield – what should you look for? How will you know you’re making the right choice?   Try to be as objective as you can in your search and create a list of key questions to he... read more »
When selling your home, should you always sell to the highest bidder?   On paper it might make financial sense, but it’s not always that simple. Consider their position, are they a first-time buyer with no chain and a load of cash ready ... read more »
Guide to Remortgages   What is a remortgage? Remortgaging is when you look to move from one mortgage deal to another, either staying with your existing lender or moving to a new one. As the years go by, you don’t necessarily have to sta... read more »
Is buy-to-let right for me? Firstly, property investment isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, and must be well considered before putting two feet in. Many believe it to be an easy path to making money, however it is a business in its own ri... read more »
Jarlands take our role and professionalism very seriously and as such are at the forefront of providing a safe and compliant service to our clients.    Since April 2019, all property agents in England have been required to belong to ... read more »
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