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Research from the Halifax suggests that more than one in three of us in the UK received at least one
Christmas gift they didn’t like but three quarters (76%) say that they would never tell the person who gave
it to them. Scots are the most reluctant to speak up with 82% saying they wouldn’t let on, but one third
(33%) of those in North East England would say something. The over 55s are also more likely to hold their
tongue (84%) than 18-34 year olds (64%).
And only one in fifteen (7%) Brits return or exchange Christmas presents they didn’t want with almost a third
(31%) preferring to store them, 28% gifting them to a charity shop or jumble sale and 23% re-gifting
to someone else. Embarrassingly, one in seven (15%) have actually been re-gifted a present from the person
they originally gave it to.
When it comes to the sales, many are also taking the opportunity to prepare for Christmas 2018. More than
one-third (36%) say they will buy next year’s Christmas cards in this year’s sales, with a third (33%) looking
to pick up discount wrapping paper and almost a third (32%) even picking up presents to put under the tree
in 2018.
And with the growth of Christmas jumper days in workplaces all over the country, one in seven (15%)
will buy a Christmas jumper now for next year, with more than a quarter of 18-34s (28%) leading the
way. 27% of those in the North East said they’d buy a Christmas jumper now for next year, but only 8%
of Scots and 9% in the East Midlands said the same.