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Don’t give up, New Year Resolutions

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TSB have been looking at our New Year’s resolutions and reveal that Brits spend an average of £187
on those that they later give up. The findings show that last New Year nearly one in three people (31%)
had given up at least half of their resolutions by the end of January. By the end of March, more than
four in ten (46%) had given up their resolutions.
These included activities such as joining a gym or a slimming club, buying new workout clothes, buying
fitness DVDs, and buying a bike. There were plans to change diets which meant buying a blender or a
juicer, purchasing the latest health food craze, and buying protein shakes. For others it was learning a
new skill or hobby.
A quarter (25%) said their resolutions at the start of 2017 cost them more than they had anticipated.
The high costs associated with these resolutions mean that nearly a fifth (18%) of Brits think they may
end up relying on credit to fund their ‘new year, new you’ ambitions for this year.
Yet, over a third of people (31%) say they want to make a finance-related New Year’s resolution and
more than half (58%) said they want to start managing their money better in 2018.